Massi is June Best Friend of the Month

Massi is literally perfect! He has been a member of our pack since 2016 and has won the hearts of every single one of us. But many of us believe he’s been overlooked for BFoM for way too long just based on how well integrated he is, so it is finally his turn to shine! “Massi man” is the ultimate smiley boy! Besides his big perfect smile, he is also an amazing cuddle buddy who will curl up and sit with you any chance he is given, and we love that about him! He has a special way of wiggling his way onto your lap, and even though he is way too big to be a lap dog, we can’t help but laugh and indulge his sweetness. The team at LMDDC is convinced that Massi just loves to come over to gossip about the other dogs and because he’s been there so long, and truly knows all the juicy secrets!

He brightens all of our days with his smile and his cuddling, and his happy feet! He’s always happy to see everyone and always a perfect boy in group. He welcomes every new dog kindly and makes them feel comfortable. When we bring him to group he runs right in with his tail wagging and so excited to see his friends, especially some of the other regular Friday crew, Yak, Shadow, Dyza, Romeo and Scarlet – these guys have been friends for years, and his bestie is Yak! Massi knows how to have a good time and can often be caught with a fun case of the zoomies. He also must have a streak of guardian dog in him because he always takes care of the little dogs and the puppies. Massi also has a calming energy and is known for being a good nap buddy for any dog in the room that needs a break. He is the true embodiment of everyone’s best friend. Bigs, smalls, puppies, seniors, he is friends with everyone! These are just some of the reasons we love Massi so much. We want to thank Massi’s human for sharing him, and Congratulations on these honors! Massi’s picture will be displayed on our Wall of Besties for a full year. We hope you all enjoy the silly prizes and the bragging rights!

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