Thank you for your patience, the wait is over! Please allows us to reveal the next two in our line-up of Besties!

We are pleased to introduce Sally, the most perfect beagle girl ever! She has the best personality and will literally follow you around like your shadow. She is so friendly and social that she is a good fit for just about any play group she goes in, because she makes friends with every single dog and handler. Everybody will list Sally as among their favorites. One of our team members put it best: “She has always been one of my favorite dogs, I love her so much. She is legit perfect in every way. She slays. Slay Sally girl!” It’s hard not to be a top fan of Sally’s. She is always happy in the morning, she is well behaved, and she just brings a lot of joy to the day care with her presence. Sally is such a pleasure to have around, it truly brightens the day when we see her coming up the walkway. Please join us in congratulating Sally on the Miss April title. We are grateful to Sally’s people for sharing her with us, and we hope you enjoy your silly prizes and bragging rights. We know you think she is pretty special too!

Our May Best Friend of the Month is none other than the beautiful, goofy, food-loving, snuggle-stealing, somewhat crazy, laugh-inducing, butt-wiggling lady lab, Izzy. Izzy amuses us in so many ways, from sleeping in the craziest positions to laps of zoomies around the room, she never fails to put a smile on your face and make you laugh! “Izzy girl”, as we call her, has a little triangle on her nose and a happy wiggly butt but if there is one thing that Izzy is most famous for, it’s her fondness for food! Food might be what she loves most in the world, but you can win her love with a treat! Izzy is also a fantabulous snuggle buddy and loves to burrow her head into you so that she can get as close as possible — this is a girl that knows nothing of personal space! Many of our dog handlers have stretched their shifts just to stick around and snuggle with Izzy before bed! And all of our dog handlers love having her in group, as she plays nicely and is always good for a hug. You just can’t have a bad day with Izzy in your group! As always, we invite you to join us in congratulating Izzy & her people on this honor!

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