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Boarding in our cage-free environment provides a comfortable and stress-free experience for your pet family member!

Boarding suites are finished rooms with dog cots and other comfort features.

They are structurally reinforced for noise control, are cleaned daily, and are deep-cleaned after each and every stay. Some luxury boarding suites are available for an upgrade charge with couches or futons, premium dog beds, TVs or radios, and other amenities. Dogs from the same family are able to board together. Our boarding customers are integrated into the Day Care play groups, provided they meet the same requirements (vaccinations, temperament tests, etc.). All necessary care for the dog, including “special” needs, such as prescription diets, medication needs, extra walk requirements, or other needs are included in the boarding fee. It is not in the Love My Doggy Day Care good business philosophy to “nickel and dime” our clients with an a la carte fee structure.

Unlike other boarding facilities, Love My Doggy Day Care will provide care for our boarders well past closing hours, and in many cases, overnight supervision is provided.

We do not believe in leaving dogs un-attended for 12 hours or more, without the opportunity to relieve themselves outside of their suites, which could cause mental stress, physical pain and discomfort, and even major health issues such as bladder or kidney disorders. We also believe that the risk of your dog experiencing a mental, physical, or health crisis overnight is drastically reduced by the presence of supervisory staff maintaining a vigilant watch on your pet while in our care.

Independent Care

LMDDC leverages a simple green, yellow, red system when classifying our pups’ suitability for participating in off-leash play groups. “Red” pups are not integrated into the play groups and are considered “Indies”. This means they receive individualized care. Your pup may be considered an Indy for lots of reasons. Of course, it may be because they are not dog-social. But to offer some additional common examples, it may also be because they are out of policy (such as being over 6 months and not spayed or neutered), or just have a temporary situation, such as caring for an injury or illness. Our Indies still get plenty of love and attention during their time with us, but it primarily consists of one-on-one time with our loving dog handling staff, which of course is an additional demand on our resources. We also provide a variety of enrichment activities to keep these pups stimulated both mentally and physically. There is an additional $20 charge per night to care for our Indies. It is important to us to be able to continue to offer an excellent experience to our pups that require independent care, and to make sure there is still a place in our community that offers this level of care for pups regardless of whether the group play environment is a good fit for them. So long as your pup is people-friendly, they will have a place with LMDDC!

Boarding Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Drop-off and Pick-up Hours:

  • Our boarding clients are welcome to drop-off once we open and enjoy a full day of day care, however we do prefer to avoid doing a boarding intake during day care check-in's, so if you're able to drop-off after 9 AM, we appreciate it.
  • Our boarding clients are required to check-in no later than 3 PM Monday - Saturday, and 12 PM on Sundays.
  • You may pick-up any time during our normal business hours. Keep in mind any check-out after 1 PM will incur the half-day day care charge ($25).


  • For single night visits, no deposit is required except for new customers
  • For visits of 2-4 boarding nights, a one-night deposit is required
  • For visits of 5-9 nights, a two-night deposit is required
  • For 10+ nights, a five-night deposit is required


  • We realize that plans do change, and wish to accommodate all of our customers' needs. Cancellations must be made 2 days prior to arrival date in order to receive a full refund of the deposit or avoid cancellation fees. Our responsibility to our customers drives our deposit/cancellation policy.
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Boarding: $65/night

Luxury Suite: $75/night

Independent Care: $20/night

Clients will be charged the half-day day care rate ($25) on their pet’s final day of the boarding stay if their pet is picked up after 1pm.

Pets staying for more than 7 nights will receive a free exit bath.


Each additional family dog: 10% discount

Working service dogs: 15% discount

Longterm discount: 15% discount for every day past 2 weeks