Day Care Play Date

Day care is the caring for and socializing of dogs during the day while their owners are at work or otherwise unavailable.

The play areas for the dogs in our care are designed to let the animals socialize in a safe and secure supervised environment.

They are also designed to inhibit the spread of germs, pest, odor, or noise. The dogs are socialized and played with throughout the day.

At the end of the day, you will pick up a happy, clean, and safe dog. And you will receive a Playday Report Card that will describe how they ate (if applicable), who they played with, what their favorite activities were, etc. And you can always see for yourself the safe and structured play time your pet family member is enjoying via the web cams.

Temperament Tests

Temperament tests are requires so that we can be sure that an off-leash, group-play environment is a good fit for you dog. Not all dogs like hanging out with other dogs, and that's OK! We screen every dog entering the facility to ensure the safety of all animals in our care. Temperament tests are given to assess the current social-ability of the dog and to determine if there are any tendencies present that would pose a potential safety risk to the staff or other pets in our care. The temperament test serves to give you a good assessment of where your dog is at in its level of socialization. The temperament test is also an opportunity for us to assess and address additional training or socialization that may be needed prior to allowing the dog to interact freely with the other dogs in the play areas. The temperament test is provided with one free day of day care for new customers.

There are isolation areas available for dogs that tell they are too nervous or shy, show aggression, senior dogs that are not suited for play groups, sick dogs, or other circumstances that may apply. As long as they are people-friendly, all dogs are welcome at Love My Doggy Day Care, even if group play is not suitable for them. They will get plenty of people time, and lots of love.



Half-day: $22
9am – 1pm or 1pm – 5pm

Full day: $33


Each additional family dog: 10% discount

Working service dogs: 15%


10-day packages: $33 off (1 free day), $297

15-day packages: $55 off, $440

30-day packages: $165 off, $825

(half-day day care packages also available)

*packages do not expire but are subject to return policy