November Best Friend of the Month: Morgan

Morgan patiently waited for us to come to our senses and vote her in as November Best Friend of the Month! She knew all along she was a shoo-in. Morgan is this happy, beautiful, smart, smiling, amazing dog pictured above! She is always super excited to come in. She runs up the pathway and when she gets inside the first thing she does is run to greet Tracy and get her butt scratches. She’ll then run all the way into group. She’s such a fun, easy going dog that it’s impossible not to love her, and she fits in so well with any group we need her to because she makes friends everywhere she goes. She loves to give kisses to the handlers and she listens well – in fact, she is so polite that if she hears you curse, she will scold you! This is actually true! Morgan likes to sit on her chair, like so, and play lifeguard for the rest of the group. She may as well be a Baywatch model with those good looks! When she’s not watching over the group, she’s playing tag or cuddling up next to you. She makes all the doggies feel welcome and safe. This pup puts us all in a good mood. She ALWAYS makes sure she stops by the desk at the end of the night for her goodbye butt scratches also! Morgan also like to watch TV, go on hikes, and looooves to be brushed. We are so grateful to Morgan’s human who is willing to share her with us. We hope she enjoys her silly prizes, and everyone please be sure to check out her picture on the Wall of Besties. Congratulations to Morgan and her human on this well-deserved accolade, we know she will wear her Miss November title with style & grace!

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