October Best Friend of the Month: Ginny

I am pleased to introduce you to a very popular pup, who will easily win your heart like she won all of our hearts. Please meet Ginny, aka Ginny Bo Binny, “the best girl ever”, and Miss October! Ginny is a hound mix, as best as we can tell, and she loves everyone! She is such a sweet pup, and we’ve been privileged to see her grow into the beautiful and amazing dog that she is. Ginny just loves to play with everyone, including the regulars and the newbies. She also loves playing with toys and with bubbles, so there is basically never a dull moment when Ginny is in your group. She is a dog who can brighten your mood at any time. This playful pup can be so silly, and truly be the life of the party, but is also known to just lay under the chairs or the play equipment to take a quick nap. We also love this girl because she is such a good listener with awesome doggy manners, so she makes an awesome day care role model. She is perfect at coming when she is called and waiting her turn at the water bowl and sitting nicely at the gate. When our dog handlers want to show off their group management skills, they use Ginny, it’s almost cheating!
We want to congratulate Ginny’s people on this well-deserved recognition and thank them for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care! We know you are as proud of Ginny as we are! We hope you enjoy your silly prizes, the place of honor on our Wall of Besties, and of course the bragging rights. Thank you!

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