August & September Best Friends of the Month: INTRODUING YAK & LULU

We are pleased to introduce two amazing dogs, Yak and Lulu, as the August and September Best Friends of the Month! Every month, the team at LMDDC nominates, deliberates, campaigns, promotes, debates, votes, and ultimately appoints a worthy day care pup as the Best Friend of the Month. It’s so hard to choose! But these two are certainly deserving winners, and I know you’ll agree!


We can’t say enough great things about Yak! Yak, also known around here as yak-a-doodle-doo, is very gentle, calm, and reserved — this love bug will gently paw at you to ask for pets and attention and watch out when he gets what he wants! Once you give him love and attention, he then becomes a cuddle monster jumping up to give you hugs and crawling all over your lap. Afterwards, he’ll get a case of the zoomies and play and play with anyone who can keep up. He’s a great mentor to the little dogs, a great best friend to Massi, and an all-around goofball. This perfect boy is always in a good mood and is happy to play with whoever wants to play, or happy to take a nap with his sleepier pals. He’s very go-with-the-flow and always up for anything! He even helps us watch over the group. Yak is unforgettable for his fun name, unique markings, and award-winning smile!


We have had the pleasure of watching Lulu grow up from a little baby to the amazing girl she is now, and she is still a goofy puppy at heart! Our Lulu baby is beautiful in her flashy red coat, and she knows it! Every time we whip out a phone for a photo she seems to know and sits pretty for her photo. How smart is she! Lulu is always jumping with energy ready to give you a face full of kisses. She’s a great cuddler and an even better doggy friend. She greets every new dog with a big kiss and a happy little butt wiggle! Lulu befriends everyone in her group every day. She has a million best friends, but she can often be spotted laying in funny positions and rolling around with Mara. She’s always down for a fun time and it’s always a party when Lulu’s at day care!

Please join me in congratulating these two amazing pups, we are so happy to have the privilege of taking care of them both, and we love every minute we get to spend with them. We hope they enjoy their silly prizes, and of course their pictures will be on the Wall of Besties for a year, for everyone to enjoy!

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