We are very pleased to announce our January Bestie winner, a pup that’s been winning our hearts for years now, and she’s been the perfect little lady since day one: Our very own Sadie, a lovely terrier mix that never fails to delight.
Sadie is always wiggly and happy when she comes in. She runs right in to say hi and she plays so nicely with everyone! Sadie is still a baby girl to us, she is always happy and prancing around, and just being sweet and adorable. She has a lot of energy, but she also loves her naps, and you can often find her laying down in group or just up on the platforms taking in the view. We meet a lot of dogs, and we haven’t met a dog that Sadie doesn’t like. She wants to play with them all, but most of all, Sadie loves her human attention. You can pet her anytime, anywhere, anyhow, and Sadie will graciously accept it. Sadie has quite a fan base here. We have team members that have gone off to college and other life milestones over the years, who will literally come back to visit when they are home just to see Sadie when we tell them she’s here. We think that Sadie loves it here as much as we love having her, and we can’t thank her humans enough for letting LMDDC be Sadie’s home away from home. We hope you all enjoy the silly prizes, of course Sadie’s place on the Wall of Besties and the bragging rights are yours for a year!

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