We are pleased to introduce our beloved Beau, Beau-man, Bing Bong Beau, AKA December Best Friend of the Month! There is absolutely not one thing not to love about Beau! He is the ideal doodle, chocolately and up to no good, he will let you know when he’s ready to play, ready for cheese, and ready for tricks. Some say he could lead a nation of mischievous doodles. Beau has made best human friends across all the teams here at LMDDC, including the admin/front desk team, the grooming team, and the dog handling playground supervising team. Here’s how his favorite bather describes Beau: “He started here as a pup, a steel wool ball of fun with ticklish toes and endless requests for pets, then to the awkward lanky teen just barely growing a beard and finally into the grown chocolate puff we all know and love.” The groomers tell us that his beautiful chocolatey coat is a dream to work with and he never fails to get the team in a happy mood. Beau is a happy goofy bouncy fun guy that loves life, loves his doggy friends, loves toys, and loves his people. There are those among us that will swear he is the real life version of Goofy from Disney — if we had it, he would easily win the title of LMDDC’s Biggest Goofball. We just love Beau to death! With all the love he has to give and tons of personality, Mr. December surely has the whole package!

We are grateful to Beau’s humans for sharing him with us, and hope everyone enjoys the silly prizes for this well-deserved honor and of course the bragging rights! Thank you for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care!

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