Happy Anniversary To Us!

Last month we quietly celebrated our 2-year anniversary. But you guys know me – I can’t let a chance to by to thank our amazing clients and show some love!

Here is a Top 10 list of why we love what we do:

  1. Dog People Rule – We get to work with people who share our values, our love of pets, and care about each other


  1. We never forget our jobs are both fun and have critical responsibilities – we are caring for a client’s family member


  1. Playing with dogs is our job (and so is cleaning suites, picking up poop, and washing bowls!)


  1. Seeing stinking cute little puppies grown into stinking cute big dogs


  1. We are encouraged to get dirty


  1. Our clients bring us snacks (can we put this one twice?)


  1. Our clients are generous and giving – did you see that Hurricane Relief box?


  1. We appreciate the opportunity to be a trusted advisor in helping our clients be the best pet parents they can be


  1. Butt wiggles, face baths, and lap snuggles


  1. Dogs Rule – duh


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