Summer Besties

We have two AMAZING dogs to introduce you to for our July and August 2017 Summer Best Friends of the Month. We are very excited to announce the winners:

JULY: “Rex”

We have an extra big soft spot in our hearts for extra big Rex. Rex is our 7-year-old Doberman Pinscher that’s been visiting Love My Doggy Day Care for over a year now. He is smart, playful, and loving. Rex most especially loves to give kisses. He gives kisses to everyone! He is a truly loving, truly a large gentle giant. He also loves to go for walks, play ball, and eat treats. He loves playing inside or outside with other dogs and is a great example for other big dogs to follow! Rex is a very happy dog, and his personality is matched by his size, BIG! When Rex is in play group with one of his favorite dog handlers his little tail will wiggle and he even cracks a little smile when he’s really happy. Don’t let his size fool you, he can still cuddle up as good as any lap dog! This gentle giant loves cuddling on the couch and is no stranger to belly rubs. We enjoy having Rex join us for day care so much – and especially after his recent recovery from cancer treatments, seeing Rex marching up our walkway in the morning is that much more special for us.

AUGUST: “Archer”

Archer, a brave and daring Border Collie, brings a lot of energy and playful excitement to Love My Doggy Day Care. We can all tell that Archer is highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic, and athletic. When we see him chasing bubbles with the grace of an athlete, we wonder if he missed his calling as a great agility dog. Archer has a unique bark and play style, likely thanks to his herding instincts! Archer is always up for a game of fetch, tennis balls, frisbees, rope toys, it doesn’t matter – and by the end of the day Archer loves nothing more than cuddling with the dog handler in his play group. He gives actual 2-legged hugs. Archer is a staff favorite because he’s beautiful, bold, and everybody’s buddy! Archer and his owners are awesome members of the Love My Doggy Day Care family, and we are happy to be trusted with his care and enrichment!

Rex’s and Archer’s families will enjoy some special prizes, a place in our Best Friend of the Month picture gallery, and of course the proud pet parent bragging rights. Thank you to both families for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care! Your dogs have captured our collective heart!

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