Announcing September Best Friend of the Month

Logan, what can we say? You were special from the very first day we met you. Logan has won the hearts of everyone at Love My Doggy Day Care. We are so glad that Logan’s mom & dad chose us because we can’t get enough of this super sweet doodle! Logan doesn’t have a shy bone in his body and is ready to rock and roll as soon as he sees his favorite dog handlers or four-legged friends. Logan is friends with all types of dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, puppies, and everything in between. Logan is super playful, social, friendly, and an extremely sweet pup – we wish we had 100 Logan’s. We adore Logan and we are very proud to have been part of his transition to the happy and confident pup he shows us when he’s here.  Logan also has the distinction of being the first Best Friend of the Month of Year 3 – September will always be a special month for us! He joins the darling Remi and Ellie as September Besties! Congratulations! Trust us when we tell you, you deserve it!

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