We Love Us Some Bella & Gemma!

Every month, we make the difficult choice of “who’s it going to be???” We love ALL “our” dogs so much, it’s a nearly impossible to choose! This last vote was no exception. I wish you could hear the campaigning that goes on for everyone’s personal favorites – it’s as good as any political debate, but way cuter! I am excited to share the great news about these special Besties. Both pups will enjoy some silly prizes and of course will own the October and November spots on our Best Friend of the Month “Wall of Fame” for a year.

It has been argued that Bella is The Sweetest Dog we have! She has described over and over again as “perfect”! We know that she is genuinely happy to see us because she gives us all the best hugs! In fact, I have heard the staff argue over who Bella’s favorite is – maybe we should have the dogs vote on the Best Dog Handler of the Month! Besides being ridiculously cute, Bella is also known for perfectly understanding English (her mom and dad told us this, and we are convinced!), and for a special greeting called the Bella Dance. Bella has been coming to play with us since she was a puppy and we are beyond thrilled to have her as part of the Love My Doggy Day Care family.

Gemma has always been a sweetheart and an amazing high-energy playmate for so many of our pups. In fact, Gemma was a bit on the crazy side! She was just a bouncy puppy when she first starting coming earlier this year, and she has earned her spot as November BFoM because of the amazing transformation we’ve seen in her. Of course, she is still a sweetheart and still a great playmate! But day care has been such a good fit for Gemma that it has helped her become a polite and well-behaved, silly and playful sweetheart. She smiles at everyone with that adorable pittie grin and it goes straight through to your heart – she can’t help but become an instant favorite when she flashes that smile. Gemma, your time is now! You have become a model Bestie and should be proud of yourself! You deserve these accolades and we hope your mom and dad enjoy the bragging rights!

Congratulations to Bella & Gemma! Thank you for sharing the Love!

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