For a dog named after a reindeer, his legs sure are short! But his stature and unique coloring only add to this handsome fella’s winning character! Please meet Dasher, AKA Mr. April! This adorable springerdoodle is every bit as much sweet and lovable as he is happy! He enjoys his play time with all his doggy friends, or keeping himself entertained with balls and toys, but he is especially happy to come lay on your lap. When not playing, you can catch Dasher snuggled up with handlers, relaxing on the playroom equipment, or laying belly up in the middle of the playroom seeking a playmate or a belly rub, or both. Dasher has not only charmed the day care staff, he is also a salon favorite, with his special spotted coat and the fact that he is always game to be in someone’s lap. Dasher continuously brings joy to the dogs and the staff just with his presence. We all love him and are thrilled to announce the well-deserved honor of the title of April Best Friend of the Month. Please join us in congratulating Dasher and his people for earning some silly prizes and bragging rights for a year!

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