We are pleased to announce the winner of the March Best Friend, voted in weeks ago, but as usual, we hope you forgive our delay in getting the word out! Please meet Philip, this super sweet, super handsome mixed breed hunk of love. Our boy Philip is beyond deserving of the title of Best Friend of the Month! He is such a love bug with a fully rounded personality including a sweet cuddly side and a goofy playful side. Philip can almost always be found with the love of his life, who we like to call Queen Luna, a previous Bestie winner. But Philip is a friend to all, licking whoever will let him, and showing off his adorable underbite. And he is happy to take ear scratches and booty scratches from anyone willing to give them! When he comes in you can’t do anything but smile. Every time he comes into the playroom, he gives a full body wiggle and tail wag, letting us know he is ready to have fun. Philip likes to nap as much as he loves to play. Philip is not just a day care favorite – he is also a beloved model citizen in grooming, and literally falls asleep in the tub he loves it so much (there’s proof of this!). After a long day of day care he walks out to his family in slow motion, tired from playing non-stop, and being super chill. We can go on and on about how incredible Philip is and how much we love him. We want to thank Philip’s family for sharing him with us and for raising such an awesome pup. We hope Philip enjoys his silly prizes, and of course the bragging rights are all yours! Philip will also have a place on the Wall of Besties for a full year. Congratulations to Philip, Mr. March!

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