December Best Friend of the Month

I am so excited to wrap up 2022 with this special announcement about an LMDDC pack member special to us all! Charlie M has been voted in as the December Bestie, and we couldn’t be more pleased with this particular election result!
Charlie is such a special guy! The amount of progress he’s made since first joining the LMDDC pack has not gone unnoticed. Charlie started out as a very shy and timid pup who went with the more calm and lower energy dogs and he mostly liked to stick to himself. We have had the pleasure of watching him come out of his shell and turn into such a confident pup who now plays with our more high energy pups and shows them how to be a perfect day care guest. Charlie also has a really goofy side to him and loves to prance around the room with toys in his mouth and show them off to all the other dogs in the room. When handsome Charlie isn’t playing, he will be snuggling, and is one of the very best snuggle buddies! Whether he is snuggling with the handler in the room or curled up snuggling with another pup, we can’t get enough of Charlie and how absolutely adorable he is. Charlie keeps us giggling too, with one of his best moves when he jumps up and puts half of himself up on our laps, but not the other half, because he must somehow know he’s a little too big to be a lap dog! Charlie is one of the sweetest boys and a true day care success story and we are so so glad to have been able to witness in his growth and confidence!! We Love you so much Charles❤️❤️❤️and we hope you know how deserving of the December Best Friend title you are! We hope you and your people enjoy your silly prizes, your place on the Wall of Besties for the year, and of course the bragging rights! Congratulations!

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