January Best Friend of the Month

This guy will steal all your hearts!! He has a signature waddle, and he always comes in the best outfits!! Adorable mini dachshund Chester may be one of our smallest pups in daycare, but he makes up for his small size with his big personality! When his ears are flipped out to the side in “airplane” mode, it truly looks like he’s going to take flight! Chester LOVES to snuggle more than anything and would be happy to just sit on our laps 24/7. When no laps are open for snuggles, the handsome nugget plays so well with the other pups and is always having a great time zooming around the playrooms and socializing. Chester is as sweet as he looks and definitely knows how handsome he is. Chester makes friends with everyone and his besties George, Randall, Roxy, Rocky, and Bowie get so excited when he comes in to play! We love our Chester so much and this tiny but mighty king is such a perfect choice for this month’s BFOM title! Congratulations to Chester and his humans, we hope you enjoy your silly prizes and of course all the bragging rights you so deserve! Thank you for letting us take care of your nugget!

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