Miss October & Miss November Best Friends!

We have two wonderful dogs to introduce to you today, in celebration of the October and November Best Friends of the Month!!



We are very pleased to announce the Top Dog for October, the beautiful Annabelle. Miss Annabelle is the most perfect lady. She is the sweetest pup who plays perfectly with everyone and is always gentle with the smaller pups. She is a true best friend to the pups here. This sweet girl has been a long-time member of our pack, with best doggy friends that go back years, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be her home away from home!


This sweetheart also loves to give big hugs! We’ve had the honor of watching her grow up and now she gets to show all the little ones how it’s done. We love our Annabelle so much, we couldn’t be more pleased to be introducing her as Miss October! Annabelle and her family have earned some silly prizes, a place among our Wall of Besties, and of course the bragging rights that come with the Top Dog trophy. We want to thank Annabelle’s people for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care and letting us take care of her!
It is never an easy vote, but once someone said “Eva”, she practically stole the vote! Eva is such a fun-loving, spunky dog! Her playful energy brings so much happiness to the playgroups. She’s awesome at making friends, both furry and human, and she is an A+ snuggle buddy, again with both humans and furry friends! Eva has a regular group of friends that she excitedly greets every day she’s here (she loves Luna, Ginny, Lulu, & Joey!), but she will play with anyone willing to play with her. Here are some of the things that our team had to say about Eva:
“I have loved watching Eva grow up here and am always excited to see her when I come in! Baby Eva was so crazy and funny, and she’s grown up into such a nice, playful lady.

She started off as a boarder but now she’s a day care pup too so now I don’t have to wait for a holiday or a weekend to see her!”

“I love Eva. Her dad always calls her EEEEEEEVVVVAAAAA so now I call her EEEEVVVAAA too, and she wiggles like crazy when I do!”

Eva will pull her dad so hard to come inside and immediately gets so wiggly when she sees us. She just loves everyone so much and will immediately make you feel like you are her best friend and she is yours. And this is why she has decidedly won the Miss November title. As always, we hope you enjoy your spoils!

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