LMDDC Workflow & Policy Reminders

Please read the important reminders below, and thank you for helping to keep us safe, efficient, and focused on your pups!
I am sending out this reminder because we have been struggling recently with too many “stragglers”, and we would deeply appreciate your help in course-correcting this trend. Please keep in mind that our drop-off hours are 7 AM – 9 AM for full day or half-day AM day care. We have a daily schedule we need to keep to, and we are striving to have the groups established on time. If we have too many pups coming in past our check-in hours it compromises the play time and daily flow for everyone else, and there is a domino effect that puts us behind the rest of the day. We do not (and never have, this is not a staffing issue) have staff on stand-by to take day care check-in’s past 9 AM – which means we are pulling our team from their assigned task to handle a late check-in. I realize that there can sometimes be a line or even a crowd in the lobby as we’re trying to manage checking in a lot of dogs in only a 2-hour period, and we appreciate your patience. We will do our best to move your dog quickly so that you can be on your way to work or wherever you need to be! In addition, we often have a wait list for dogs that we were not able to confirm reservations for, due to being full. If your pup is not on time, there is the risk that we will give away his or her spot, so if you know you’re going to be late but are still coming, please try to give us a call. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation in all this! Our policies are driven by wanting to create the best experience for your pup!
Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to provide a quick reminder to our package clients that are on a recurring reservation schedule. As always, if you “no-show” on a day of your standing reservation, we will take a day off your package. Please be sure to call to let us know you are not coming. This is always thoroughly explained to anyone holding a recurring reservation, but if you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!
In addition, if your pup is boarding, meaning spending the night, over the last two years we have started asking for our check-in’s and check-out’s for boarding to be within certain hours, ideally between 9 AM – 3 PM. You are welcome to drop off your pup once we open whenever you like, but we prefer after 9 AM (Monday – Friday) if possible, just to avoid the day care check-in rush. However, we do require that your pup is here no later than 3 PM. (We can work out exceptions on a case-by-case basis.) It is nearly impossible for us to manage the boarding intake process in the middle of day care check-outs, which truly start in earnest with a steady flow through the end of the day around 3 PM. This intake process includes inventorying your personal items, and documenting feeding and/or medication instruction, or any other special instructions, and prepping their dinner. If we don’t get a chance to do this until after check-outs are over, your dog has already missed dinner and our staff is taxed with having to catch up. I mention this to provide some context for this request, as it is not arbitrary, and for the best interest of your pup.
Please keep in mind that all dogs are required to be under the owner’s control at all times while on the LMDDC property, either in the parking lot or in the lobby. We do not allow loose dogs, even ones you are carrying or holding, so please be sure to keep your pup on a leash. And we strongly discourage flexi-leashes. If you must use a flexi-leash, please ensure it is in the locked positions at all times while on the LMDDC property.
Please let us know if you have any questions of course, and again, thank you for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care!!

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