Summer Besties 2018: Maisie & Bodie

I know there’s been a lot of news coming out of LMDDC lately, but this is a fun one we are so happy to share! The votes are in for our July Best Friend of the Month, and we’re not going to hold out on you any longer on the June announcement either – together, we bring you our SUMMER BESTIES!!!
Maisie Shea is June Best Friend of the Month

Maisie earning Best Friend of the Month honors surprised no one. This little girl is one of those dogs that instantly puts a smile on your face. If you are in need of a mood boost, Maisie is your girl! Maisie is one of our most playful little dogs. Maisie loves playing with her doggy best friends, and man is she FAST! Maisie graciously accepts tons love and affection from the staff in the lobby each day she comes to visit. Maisie has her favorite playmates, but Maisie also makes new best friends every day. Her temperament and playstyle make Maisie a perfect member of the LMDDC pack and a staff favorite. It was no surprise to me when she was voted into our growing collection of amazing Best Friends. you cross paths with this darling dog be prepared to be smothered with kisses and filled with joy.
Bodie Kim is July Best Friend of the Month

From munchkin to giant! We’ve watched Bodie grow and grow and grow and grow and….you get the idea. From a pint-sized pup, with skinny little legs to a full-grown majestic, intelligent and super affectionate Cane Corso. Bodie’s extra-large size is only eclipsed by his gargantuan affection and silly personality. Bodie is a dog that our playground staff members would love to clone. He has always been a good-tempered and has grown up a well-socialized dog with perfect manners. Bodie can hold his own with any of the big dogs in playgroup but Bodie likes to play with high energy dogs just as much as he likes to chill with the low activity dogs. If you’ve ever passed by Bodie in the LMDDC lobby you’d have no problem recognizing him, he’d be the most dapper and handsome one in the room, even without the bowtie. We’re so happy to have Bodie in the LMDDC family and couldn’t be happier to be inducting him into our Wall of Besties as one of our very Best Friends of the Month.

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