The Return of the “Off-Season”

We made it through another summer! I hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekends! Thank you all for letting us take care of your pups. With the passing of Labor Day, so goes our extended Summer Sunday hours. This is just a friendly reminder that we will resume our normal Sunday hours, from 9 AM – 1 PM, until next summer!

I’ll take this opportunity to give you a quick construction update. The pipes are laid, the earth is back in the ground where it belongs, and the floors are sealed back up. At first, I could barely tell things were moving along, although I knew the guys were working hard every day – it just looked like one big mess! But now, I’m happy to say, it is starting to resemble progress! And this week, the “big event” is that we are busting through the walls to outdoor play to create indoor/outdoor play space. I am very excited about this! It won’t be long now until we have the walls framed up. We are hopeful that the next update will include news about the resuming of normal service levels. We wished many of our staff well in their new school semesters over the last couple of weeks, and we are welcoming in new team members in preparation for the increased volume, so don’t be surprised to see some new faces in the coming weeks.

From all of us at Love My Doggy Day Care, thanks for the continued support, and as always, we do it all #ForTheLoveOfDogs.

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