Rollo is January Best Friend of the Month

Rollo, Norwegian Elkhound

We’d like to kick off our 2021 Best Friend of the Month announcements with a very special one! As ususal, I’m a bit behind with this announcement, but I trust this handsome pup was worth the wait!
Please join me in congratulating Rollo, the Norwegian Elkhound, for being selected as a staff favorite. Yes, we love them ALL, so this is always a hotly contested title, month after month. But Rollo is a crowd-pleaser! He has stood out among the pack as such a lovable guy, that at least this particular vote was non-controversial! Here are some quotes from the “campaign trail” with Rollo:

“Rollo is such a such a sweetie and is a very cuddly boy. Belly rubs are his favorite!”
“He is the best-looking pup! It’s so cool how he looks like a wolf!”
“He plays with every single dog in group — he is extremely inclusive.” 
“Such a sweet pup… plus very well behaved and so bouncy! He Loves his snuggles, too!”
“Rollo loves to be held and to sit on your lap. When he’s not doing that, he loves to play and take naps cuddled up with the other dogs. He just might be the perfect day care dog.”
“Rollo will sometimes bark to make sure he’s always getting the attention he deserves, and we are happy to oblige!”
“He’s one of the absolute best dogs to have in group because he’s just amazing!”

With this much love to go around for Rollo, it’s no wonder he has earned a spot on our Wall of Besties! We are so happy that Rollo is part of our pack, and we look forward to playing with him in the years to come as he grows into adulthood. We hope Rollo and his people enjoy the silly prizes, and of course, the bragging rights! From your LMDDC family, we heart you, Rollo!

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