December Best Friend of the Month: Aspen

We are pleased to announce yet another bright spot of our 2020:
ASPEN, December Best Friend of the Month.

Aspen is the perfect pup to help us wrap up this year, as she has brought us much joy and cheer. She is one of the happiest girls around! Whether she’s playing with the other dogs, snuggling with the dog handler, or taking a nap on her favorite shelf, she’s always so happy. She is also very bouncy! She loves to jump up for a proper greeting, so when we walk past the room she playing in, you can see her jumping up and down because she wants you to come say hello to her. She is an amazing pup with tons of energy but can turn into a cuddle-bug, instantly. She never fails to put a smile on our dog handlers’ faces. Aspen has been coming here since she was around 4 months old, and we are all excited to watch her as she continues to grow up with us as a core member of our pack! We are pleased to award Aspen the title of Miss December. Please join us in congratulating her and her people. Aspen will enjoy some silly prizes, a spot for a full year on our Wall of Besties, and of course, the coveted bragging rights! Happy Holidays to all!!

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