November BEST FRIEND of the Month: KEMBA

We are pleased to welcome Kemba to the Best Friend of the Month club! Kemba was voted in as a staff favorite to represent the awesome pups of November. His adorable (and sometimes goofy!) face won the staff over immediately, but really we have to hand it to his awesome personality, that’s what really did it for us! He is always super excited to come into day care in the morning. His first visit he may have been a little shy, but he warmed up to us right away and now he gives us his belly and won’t move until he gets his scratches. He greets us in a loving and joyful way, and if he has any mood other than happy, we have not seen it! Kemba listens well, he is perfect in play group, and when he is not bouncing around, he’s resting up on the shelves with his bestie, Shadow. Kemba also likes to get a little special treatment, and spend time in the kitchen during dinner time, getting pets from the staff until he gets picked up.

We are so happy to have Kemba as part of the LMMDC pack. Please join us in congratulating Kemba and his people on taking home the November Best Friend of the Month title! Kemba will enjoy some special prizes, a spot on our Wall of Besties, and of course the bragging rights!

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