Reece & Channing – His and Her for February!

In honor of Valentine’s Day being this month, because Love is, after all, in our name, we are naming a “his and her” Best Friend this month!

The honor goes to Reece & Channing!

Reece and Channing are two rescue Chihuahuas living the high life now! The fashionable Miss Reece and the handsome Mr. Channing make a stunning pair on the Love My Doggy Day Care red carpet! Reece’s and Channing’s mom, Kelly, loves to spoil them, and it’s easy to see why. This precious pair gives nothing but love and demonstrates an amazing bond – you can’t help but to fall under their spell and give them anything they want!

Reece and Channing, welcome to the Love My Doggy Day Care wall of fame on this very special Best Friend of the Month occasion – the first of what we hope will be a February tradition! Mom Kelly, enjoy your double-bragging rights!!


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