I never see the staff so bummed as I do when we are saying good bye to one of “our” dogs. First there was Beauty, who moved to be with her human in South Carolina (and is doing great!), and now Swiper, who is moving to be with his human in NOLA. Swiper was adopted by the whole team here at LMDDC while his awesome mommy Kerri was getting their new home ready in NOLA. While waiting to join his mommy, Swiper got to spend every week in January with us before his big move day arrived. Once he was ready to hit the road, he hit the road in style, with an executive pet transportation service. We knew he was in good hands and would arrive safely to his mommy. While he was here he enjoyed play time, nap time, snow time, snuggle time, and lots of pampering. We are really going to miss him and we thank him and his mommy for picking us to help when they needed to have peace of mind – after all, what’s more stressful than moving thousands of miles away and having to be away from your fur baby? Good luck in your new home Swiper & Kerri, and keep in touch!


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