February Best Friends of the Month: Harry & Jake

The LMDDC tradition has been to vote in TWO Besties every February. We look for the Perfect Pair in special recognition of the Valentine’s month and the LOVE in our name!! There are so many great doggy Best Friend pairs, this is always one of the toughest months for the staff to campaign for their candidates! But a winning duo always emerges, and without further ado I am pleased to reveal JAKE and HARRY (full name: Harry Hartman) as the February Best Friends of the Month!! These two amazing bernedoodle boys have been Best Friends since they evaluated on the same week a year ago. We don’t know if it’s the “twinsies” effect, but from the beginning, every time they enter the play room, they run right to each other. These are two peas in a pod if you’ve ever seen it! They are both kind, sweet dogs, and they both happen to give great hugs! On their own, they both would have made outstanding choices for BFoM – they are great in group and make amazing playmates to all the pups. We love watching them play with their other friends, but truly nothing tops watching the two of them playing together. They enjoy each other so much, and seeing the bond they have makes us so happy that they found each other at LMDDC!

Please join us in congratulating Jake’s & Harry’s people. We hope you enjoy your silly prizes and the bragging rights that go with this well-deserved honor for your pups!

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