April Best Friend of the Month: RUBY

Ruby’s Halloween Costume

Our April Best Friend of the Month is downright inspirational. Ruby is a beautiful bulldog that will steal your heart with one soulful look. Ruby is a favorite with all of us because she plays, snuggles, naps, and repeats! She has an absolutely endearing habit of checking in with the playground supervisor every few minutes or so when she’s playing, to come get some love. When she’s couch-snuggling, you can often find her on her back with her legs stretched out, and snoring. One of our team members insists that Ruby is her spirit animal! And I quote, “I love that dog so much. She refuses to get up for her morning potty break when she sleeps over and I usually have to spend a few minutes convincing her it’s time to get up. She is me! She plays hard, loves hard, sleeps hard. Loves cream cheese. That’s my kind of dog!” It was an easy vote after that recommendation!

I’m honestly not sure who’s happier when she walks in the front door at Love My Doggy Day Care – Ruby, or the staff! We are excited to share this announcement and look forward to giving Ruby her prizes. Please be sure to check her mug out on our Wall of Besties!

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