As you know, in February we vote for two BFoM’s. This is in honor of a very special holiday to Love My Doggy Day Care – Valentine’s Day, the holiday that celebrates LOVE. Love is, after all, in our name, and at the HEART of all we do! #ForTheLoveOfDogs

This year we voted in English Cream Golden Retriever siblings, Lincoln and Lucy! Many of you will remember, know, and love Lincoln as the rolly-polly baby puppy that stayed in our lobby for about the first month and half of his day care tenure (mainly because Tracy wouldn’t give him up!). He’s all grown up now! Lincoln is the older brother who is filled with so much love and happiness! He prances up the walkway every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday excited to see his friends (human and dog)! He is followed by his baby sister Lucy who is new to the scene! Both of these goldens are a ton of fun! Lincoln plays in the big dog group and loves running around in the yard and playing with the rope toys! Lucy goes into the smaller dog room and loves playing with her puppy friends! She is growing up into a great dog! Both of these babies are a wonderful example of how much fun we have at LMDDC! We love having them here just as much as they love coming here! We are very pleased to present this pair as our February Besties and we know that their special momma will be as proud as we are. To their momma, thank you for being part of the LMDDC family! Enjoy your silly prizes and your bragging rights! Your babies will hold the very special February title and symbolize the best of the best!

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