2019 has already been exciting for Love My Doggy Day Care! But in all the excitement we’ve delayed an important announcement. Please forgive our tardiness! Without further ado, we can’t wait to tell you about our January Best Friend of the Month! We’re kicking off the new year right with January’s Best Friend of the Month, Diego!

Diego is a very handsome weimaraner mix who joins us for Day Care almost every day. His goofy demeanor and playful energy makes him the perfect fit for our play groups! Diego loves to play, and while you can capture his attention with a ball or rope toy, he’d much rather romp around with his canine companions. No worries though, because as soon as he is tuckered out, Diego will trot over to the first human he sees and lean his whole body against them. This is his way of asking for attention, which we are always happy to give! Who doesn’t love a good lean?? All of us here love when Diego comes to play! We congratulate Diego on his big win for our first Best Friend of the Month for 2019 and thank you to Diego’s human for being part of the Love My Doggy Day Care family! 

We will proudly display Diego’s picture on our Wall of Besties, and his mom will have some silly prizes to enjoy along with the bragging rights! Diego has set the bar for the rest of the year! We look forward to sharing more good news (the February announcement will be close behind!) and filling up that Wall of Besties!

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