Love My Doggy Day Care is very pleased to reveal two AMAZING Best Friends! I can’t think of a better fit for our NOVEMBER Best Friend of the Month as the weather began to turn than Ms. Chili herself. Chili is a sweet, beautiful girl who always makes our day when she comes to hang out with us. She greets us with an awesome hound dog howl. She is the perfect play mate with great manners when she plays and she is a great napper when it’s time for a break! We are grateful that Chili’s mom and dad chose Love My Doggy Day Care, and, we owe them an extra debt of gratitude for their patience, as we got over the holiday hump and caught up on our Best Friend of the Month announcements. We hope that they forgive our delinquency and enjoy the little gifts their fur baby has earned. Please check out Chili’s glamour shot on our Best Friend photo wall when you come in to see her sweet face for yourself!

As the year wound down, the staff once again filled our infamous voting cup with secret ballots, and when the count was over, it was Bebe for DECEMBER by the biggest landslide yet! I have a feeling that coming off an election month, there may have been some campaign managers in action! Bebe joined us as a little puppy princess – and our first schipperke, so from the get-go we were all in love. Just look at that adorable baby! And now she is full-grown Queen, and she will let you who *the boss*is! Bebe is one tough little girl, and that’s why we are all such big fans! Bebe, not that you need any more confidence, but you can hold your tiny little tail even higher this month, knowing you have earned the final title for 2016 – a well-deserved honor we hope you enjoy!

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