Spring Honors

It’s well past time to announce the April Best Friend of the Month! Thank you for your patience. The honors go to our beautiful Shadow.
Baby girl Shadow is all grown up! This fabulous puppy captured our collective love the minute she bounced in on her first day. We’ll never forget how she played and played and played from the time she joined the play group until it was her turn to go home that day. It seemed she was the perfect fit for us and we were the perfect fit for her. She has been bringing us laughter with every visit, ever since. Well, there was this one time we fussed over a giant goose-egg she got on her noggin when some puppy clutziness got the better of her, but even then this silly puppy bounced and pounced and wiggled and rolled and ran and jumped and had no idea why she was being asked to sit still please, for one minute! Shadow, you have grown into a beautiful princess and we are so happy your family has picked us to help watch out for you. We love how they wait for you to come running out to see them at the end of the day, and you never disappoint. Whether you’re coming or going, you’re all joy! It’s time to officially recognize the special place in our hearts for you, and name you April Best Friend of the Month. We hope you enjoy your prizes and thank you to Shadow’s owners for showing their puppy the love, and bringing her to her favorite place!

And, in further exciting news, we bring you our May Best Friend of the Month, Sunny, this absolutely adorable Australian labradoodle that was so timid and scared of strangers when she first started that she would pee when we went near her! She was shy with the dogs too. She used to hide behind the couch in the playroom, and it became her usual spot where we would make a special little blanket bed just for her. But that all changed with just a little bit of time. She eventually starting showing some interest and inching her way out from behind the couch to interact with the other dogs. Before we knew it, she was playing every day, with all the dogs. She also learned to trust the staff as well. She doesn’t pee when we approach, she gives kisses and snuggles with us! We consider Sunny a true success story about the benefits of socialization and participating in a doggy day care group. We love seeing her grow more confident and more trusting with each day. For this reason, Sunny has earned her spot as a staff favorite as well as her spot on the wall, as our May Best Friend of the Month. We are grateful to her owners for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care!

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