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BESTIES February – June

So, 2020? How about it? This year has been – continues to be – a doozy. Many things that were a normal part of our routine fell to the wayside, because frankly, we had bigger fish to fry. But I have to tell all of you that this is one thing I’ve missed sharing and I need to make up for lost time! When we last left off, we had announced our January Best Friend of the Month. By the time March rolled around, we were already late in announcing February, and it has piled up since then! So, I am now very pleased to catch everyone up on the first half of the year, and announce our February, March, April, May, & June Best Friends of the Month! Without further ado, please allow me to introduce the following amazing pups!

FEBRUARY — HARPER (mini-golden)

February has traditionally been a special month for us, because of our connection to LOVE and Valentine’s Day. So it’s very fitting that Harper claim the February title. She’s the biggest love bug of all! Harper always wants cuddles and has a cute habit of grabbing onto our shirts while we pet her. She’s always so playful, and she gets along with everyone! She brightens everyone’s day when she walks through our front door. She is always happy to see us when she comes in, and the feeling is mutual! And talk about cute! Just look at this girl, she is all smiles. We are so pleased that Harper’s family chose us, and we just can’t get enough of her!

MARCH – BOGEY (boxer)

Bogey is one of the sweetest boxers ever and always comes into day care happy as can be, wiggling his little nubby tail. He gets along great with the other pups, but he actually prefers to play with his favorite toy while in group, which is a big plastic red ball that he pushes around the room, follows, and chases. Bogey constantly plays with this toy and will cry for it until the handler gets it out for him. Despite his size, Bogey sometimes decides to be a lap dog for the day and will sit on the lap of our handlers! Bogey also LOVES to play with the hose outside. He immediately runs right over to it with hopes that the handler will get the hose and let him play with the water. Overall, Bogey the boxer is a wonderful and well-trained dog who never fails to put a smile on all the staff members’ faces!

APRIL – ROCKET (goldendoodle)

Rocket is a frequent sleepover guest. This funny pup loves to make a mess! Rocket is usually wet! He gets his suiute configured with a special set-up, because he loves to play with the water in his bowl. Our solution for the dogs who treat their water bowls as their personal mini pools is to hang a water bucket up instead of leaving a bowl on the ground. Recently, though, he’s learned a new game where he pushes the bucket back and forth so the water spills out all over the place anyway. Rocket also likes to play with his food bowl. He tries to pick up his food and carry it to his bed to ‘bury’ it and he always spills it, so we will sometimes sit with him and hand-feed him! Looks like we’re going to have to keep getting creative with his suite set-up! Rocket is also all about surprise hugs! Rocket will be dozing on the picnic table, we’ll turn around for one second and when we turn back, he’s right there waiting for his hug. Everything about him is endearing, and we are pleased to name him Mr. April!

MAY – BLU (husky)

When Blu, the beautiful husky, arrives at day care, he charges up the ramp and jumps on the door excited to get inside. He immediately greets the staff by what we call giving ‘boops’, his way of giving kisses where he also pokes you in the face with his nose while he kisses you. Blu has even learned that “give me a boop” means to give you a kiss. Blu has three favorite toys at day care that we make sure to give him whenever he is with us. Of course a tennis ball is one of his favorites, along with a black rubber bone that he likes to play fetch and tug-of-war with, and his favorite toy of all is a solid orange plastic ball with another ball inside of it. Blu plays with this toy almost all day long and enjoys bringing it over to the handlers, dropping it in their laps, and waiting for them to roll it so he can chase it and do it all over again. Blu also enjoys taking walks and laying at the top of the hill to take a break. We love having Blu the husky and spending quality time with him, so we are pleased to oblige him on his walks!

JUNE – BODIE (border collie mix)

Bodie is a puppy that has been coming to day care every day since he passed his evaluation. Bodie has provided so much happiness and love to all the staff members and other day care dogs. He walks into day care and greets the staff in the lobby by giving out kisses to everyone, and making sure they get in their good morning pets. He is always in a good mood and wants nothing but to play with the other dogs, attention from the handlers, and a long nap all snuggled up with whichever handler is in the room with him. We look forward to watching Bodie turn into a perfect dog!

CONGRATULATIONS to all these pups, and their proud parents! They will have some silly prizes to enjoy, and a place on our Wall of Besties. It’s always so hard to choose, because we love them all of course, but we hope the wait was worth learning a little bit about some of our staff favorites!#BFF

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