Let’s catch up on 2021

I am pleased to be sharing this fun update with you, as we strive to catch up on these super important announcements! If you’ve joined the LMDDC pack in recent months, you may not be aware of a hotly contested vote that we hold every month, since I’ve been behind on sharing the news – but for those of you in the know, so very sorry to keep you waiting! Please allow me to introduce some simply amazing pups to you, and join me and the whole team here at LMDDC in congratulating and celebrating these staff favorites! To the humans that go with these pups, we thank you for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care, and we hope you enjoy your bragging rights! In addition, there will be some silly prizes waiting for you & your pup next time we see you!

Without further fuss, here are the SIX most recent LMDDC Best Friends of the Months!
Miss Mazy is the silliest and sweetest girl who sure does know how to make everyone smile! She is a beautiful rescue dog with a big personality that lights up a room. She walks in the door in the morning as happy as a pup could be to see all of her doggy friends! She LOVES playing and is so inclusive towards all the pups! Mazy gives big smiles and lots and lots of kisses. Mazy’s happiness is so contagious that she makes dogs and people alike super happy when she’s around. Mazy is pictured here on top of one of her favorite spots!

Joey is an amazing member of the LMDDC pack. He is a handsome husky who radiates positive energy. He is so playful and energetic, but also knows how to relax. Joey helps bring other dogs out of their shells and make them more comfortable with playing! Joey loves to sleep in funny positions and make us all laugh. He also gives the best kisses! On Joey’s very first evaluation day, the notes entered in his profile was one word: FABUUUULOOUUSSSS!
And he has been the perfect day care dog ever since!

Bailey the corgi earns the Miss July title! Where to begin with this silly corgi? Everyone loves watching Bailey walking up the ramp into day care, and back down as she leaves, as you can see that corgi walk from a mile away. Bailey is an amazing girl in group and splits her time between playing, napping, and snuggling with the handler in the room with her. She brings happiness everywhere with her. When inside, you can always catch her chilling on the stairs or playing with a toy. When outside, you can always catch her with a wild case of the zoomies or hanging out on the picnic table. But with those little corgi legs of hers, it’s hard to tell sometimes if she is standing or laying! Bailey is sweet, playful, and pretty perfect.

Milton, the adorable chocolate doodle with the famous mustache, is as happy and loving as can be. Milton is an absolute sweetheart who loves giving hugs and kisses to all. Milton has helped us set the bar for what an ideal day care pup is like – his temperament is perfect, his play style, his manners, and his socialization skills make him a pup we just can’t get enough of – bottom line, we adore him! Milton is an amazing dog member of the LMDDC family and we are honored to be his home away from home.

Ruby the beautiful Irish doodle is the peppy best friend of every dog that comes in! She makes new kids and regulars alike feel welcome. All of her doggy friends love her because she is just so nice to everyone! She plays with any dog that is willing to, and she loves to give hugs!! Part of our training at LMDDC is to recognize the difference between “dog social”, “dog tolerant”, and “dog selective” (and on down the scale). Ruby is our go-to example of dog social! She is an all-around good dog, and frankly, made September an easy vote!

Chauncey, the goofy terrier mix, has been cited by one of our dog handlers as “the love of my life”, and another calls him “her soulmate dog”! This guy has no shortage of fans. (And he is IG famous!) Chauncey makes us all laugh, and his signature feature is definitely his “teef”. Not that he needed any help, but the adorable grin adds to his charm. Chauncy is a top-notch snuggler, he loves treats, and he loves loves loves play time. Chauncey’s parents know only the high life will do for Chauncey, so don’t be surprised if you see him around town on a bike ride, hanging out at a local brewery, or hiking the trails, and generally in adventure mode, but we know his favorite place to be when he’s not with mom and dad is here with us!

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