January Best Friend of the Month

Please allow me to introduce the pooch, the marvel, the legend, Barkers. Barkers was elected as our January Best Friend of the Month! I am very excited to kick off the year with this goofy guy! Where to begin with this silly yellow lab Barkers? This handsome fella puts on a comedy show for the staff every time he comes in! From doing tricks in the pool, to stealing our leashes and running around the room and yard with them, he never fails to make us all laugh and smile. You always know where Barkers is because well, he barks! It’s like somehow his people just knew! He wants to make sure he’s always getting the attention, and we are happy to oblige. Barker’s personality shines, and we will always love him for who he is!! Congratulations to Barkers and his people for being named January Best Friend of the Month! We hope you enjoy your silly prizes, your spot on the Wall the Besties, and of course the bragging rights!

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