Every February, we vote on a PAIR of Besties to help us celebrate the traditional love fest that Valentine’s Day brings. And since, as you guys have hopefully come to get used to, I am usually a little behind with these announcements, I am pleased to be extending the celebration just a bit into March.  This was actually a tough vote, as the nominations for favorite playmates kept coming, but ultimately this winning pair rose to the top of the leader board and earned the Miss February titles!
Please join me in congratulating Kelce & Sammi! These 2 beauties are two of the happiest girls around. They are both always so excited to get out of the car and run up to the door to start their day of play. And do they know how to have a good time! Play with each other? Check! (Poor Sammi can’t get a break!) Play with other pups? Check! Play with toys? Check! Play with tennis balls? Double check! Get lots of pets from any and all humans? Triple check! We first met Sammi in 2016, when she was just 2 years old, and she already had great socialization skills – she was your typical lab, friendly to all people and other animals. She had the makings of a great day care dog from day 1, getting along with everyone well and making doggy friends with all pups, small and large. Kelce came around in 2019 as a tiny puppy, when Sammi’s owners decided it was time for a live-in playmate. She too was immediately a favorite member of the pack! Sammi trained her well, and showed her the ropes. These lovely ladies are not only good looking, they are well-behaved, loving, and gentle. Kelce loves to sit on our playground crew’s laps whenever she can, and Sammi will sit in front of you for as long as you will pet her! Sammi and Kelce are both amazing girls and we love having them!
Thank you to Sammi’s & Kelce’s people for letting us take care of them. We hope you enjoy your silly prizes and of course the girls will have a spot on our Wall of Besties for all to see!  

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