DUKE is September Best Friend of the Month!

Duke is the life of the party!

Duke is unique, from head to toe! Duke has very smooth, flashy, spotted markings in his fur and big grin that almost connects his ears. Duke is the type of dog that claims a little piece of the heart from anyone that interacts with him. His combination of playful personality, easy-going temperament, and intelligence, make Duke one of our coolest dudes. We are so proud of Duke and want to congratulate him on being September Best Friend of the Month!

Duke is one of the nicest and most playful dogs to ever come to Love My Doggy Day Care. Since he started coming, Duke has always made friends quickly. Duke has seemingly endless amounts of energy and likes to get that energy out with lots of play! Duke can tire out any dog group in any play room. He loves playing fetch and tug and can adapt his play style to any playmate! We have some of the sweetest and most well-behaved dogs at Love My Doggy Day Care, and Duke is a great example of why we love our pibbles so much. Duke’s charming good manners, lovable nature, handsome good looks, and pure one-of-a-kindness can turn anyone into a pittie lover for life. Congrats to Duke and his owner! We are so glad you are part of the Love My Doggy Day Care family!

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