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Please Pardon our Appearance

By Lisa | Nov 3, 2015 |

As I am sure you have noticed, there is  a lot of construction work happening right out front of the building. This will be going on throughout the fall and winter. In case you are curious, it is the future home of Whitemarsh Station, a Sal Paone Builder project. One thing I did want…

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Doggy Day Care

By Lisa | Oct 20, 2015 |

I wanted to share a little bit of the good, the bad, and the ugly with you about doggy day care. We had our first dog fight at Love My Doggy Day Care last week. You may be wondering why I would be “advertising” this in a group email. It’s because our business philosophy at…

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Winston & Bryl

The First Two Weeks

By Lisa | Oct 6, 2015 |

The first two weeks have been unbelievable! It’s been so great meeting so many of you and your Best Friends. Our staff is having so much fun getting to know your pups, and more importantly, keeping them safe and happy. This is just a quick note to say thank you for choosing Love My Doggy…

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Remy is September’s Best Friend!

By Lisa | Oct 4, 2015 |

Remy quickly became a staff favorite because of how happy and playful she is! She is a cuddle bug and gives kisses liberally! A big Thank You to Remy’s parents, Kristen and Jon, for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care! We have a special prize waiting for you!

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Michael and Levi


By Lisa | Sep 12, 2015 |

Hello Pet Parents! We promised a Summer 2015 opening day, and yes, we know we cut it close, but here we are!! We are officially opening our doors for business on Monday, September 21st! We want to thank you all for the excitement and the enthusiasm for our opening – it was so great to…

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By Lisa | Jul 27, 2015 |

Hi Pet Parents! What are you doing for Labor Day Weekend? Do you feel guilty leaving your dog home, alone? Or does your heart break, thinking of him boarded in a cage? When you can’t be there yourself, now you can have peace of mind that the trained and certified pet professionals at Love My…

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Stacey add Mama

Introducing a Key Member of the Management Team

By Lisa | Jul 17, 2015 |

We are soooo close! The next blog post will most likely be to announce the Grand Opening event! In the meantime, I’m incredibly excited to introduce Stacey Clemens, our Director of Operations and Canine Enrichment. Stacey is a highly qualified pet professional, and extremely active in the rescue community as well. I’ll briefly share some background…

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Coming Soon sign

It’s Getting Real in Here!

By Lisa | Jun 24, 2015 |

So much has happened over the last three months! Among a zillion other tasks to get ready for you and your best friends, we completed our architectural drawing (you can see a small rendering of it on our Pinterest “Construction” board!, all of our mechanical, engineering, and plumbing drawings, sent Request for Proposals to…

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Romeo in swing

Introducing Romeo!

By Lisa | Apr 15, 2015 |

This is Romeo! Romeo means a lot to us – he is our mascot, and he is, of course, the ultimate icon of love! Romeo represents your best friend – your fur baby – your pet family member. As you can see, he is safe and secure, and having fun! He loves coming to Love…

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Love My Doggy Day Care Earns OPCU Certification!

By Lisa | Apr 15, 2015 |

Hey Dogs & Dog Moms & Dads – We Are Getting Ready For You! Our entire management staff has been busy getting trained on the advanced skills of pet care! And I have to say – despite it being a learning experience with tests and all, it has been a lot of fun! More importantly,…

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