Manny Bean is November Best Friend of the Month!!

manny bean in blanketIs it any wonder we love her?? Manny Bean stole the hearts of our staff the second she walked in the door on our opening week, and she’s been the perfect playmate ever since! She’s a wiggly pup with lots of energy, and she loves to play and to snuggle – and, just look how adorable she is wrapped in a blanket! Manny Bean spends her days at Love My Doggy Day Care running, chasing, playing with her doggy friends, making new friends, and getting lots of belly rubs and head scratches. We are so glad she chose us! Thank you for playing with us Manny Bean! For being such a sweetie, Manny Bean earned her mom some cool prizes and a special gift for herself. But mainly, we just want her to know that Manny Bean is a staff favorite and we love her – she is a very special fur baby!

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