This lovable, energetic butt-wiggly radar-eared cuteness is Clyde, one of our amazing playmates at Love My Doggy Day Care. His foster mommy is helping him with his training and socialization, and he would be a great companion for another high-energy doggy sibling. Read more about Clyde, and how to apply if you’re interested in adding him to your family!

Clyde is the cutest silliest guy looking for a forever home! Clyde was at a local city high intake shelter where he was put up for euthanasia. Clyde was saved at the last minute and is now currently in a foster home! Now he is feeling all better and is ready for a forever home!

He is around 1 year old and is a silly boy with huge ears! He has a really great personality and he loves people. He is around 50 pounds so he isn’t too big! He is fun to be around and loves to play. He will happily run around with toys in his mouth and he likes to play fetch! He enjoys going on walks however he would do best with someone who can work with him on the leash! He really enjoys being around people and is great with everyone that he meets. He is happy to sit next to you and play with his toys or snuggle up with you on the couch. He is a puppy so he still does have some puppy energy and behaviors.He currently lives in the city and is doing great in a home environment so he could really fit in anywhere! He is great in the house , is house trained, and also does well in his crate as his foster mom crates him when she leaves the house. He is a smart boy who is very treat motivated and he enjoys learning. He would love to continue basic obedience training.  Clyde does great meeting all dogs on leash. If he’s going to live with another dog he would like to live with another dog that has as much puppy energy and playfulness as him!  He’s a fun outgoing puppy who loves to play and snuggle when he’s tired. He would do best in a home without little children as sometimes he can get over excited!

For more information on Clyde or if you would like to meet him, please contact his foster mom at [email protected] or 484 201 0666. You could also email the Peaceable Kingdom email at [email protected]

Adopt Me!

Adopt Me!


  1. Stacey on February 27, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    Clyde is in his forever home!

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