Top Dog Honors announced for August!

Please allow us to introduce the very handsome Winston as our August Best Friend of the Month. Winston is a regal Great Dane and is a pro here at LMDDC. He sets such a great example for the other pups by his calm and happy demeanor. Since Winston has been coming to day care for many years now, it has been amazing to watch him grow up and for so many of our dog handlers to make a strong bond with him. Winston is always a good boy and he definitely knows it and takes pride in being a good boy! Winston is the sweetest, gentlest big guy and always gives a big welcome. We believe Winston is a bit of an empath – he picks up on your emotions really well, and he will check in on you and make sure you are OK. He is happy to cheer you up at any time by putting his head on your lap. He is always happy to see us and his doggy friends and plays perfectly with the other dogs in his group. We love Winston so much and can never get enough of his amazing personality! We are thrilled that Winston’s people chose us and thank them for letting us take care of him. We hope Winston and his people enjoy their silly prices, the picture of Winston on our Wall of Besties, and of course the bragging rights!

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