We are pleased to announce the gorgeous black lab, Bella, has earned the honorable Miss September title! Miss Bella is always so happy and sweet and loves zoomies more than anything. In fact, we all agree, she is the absolute Queen of Zoomies. Oh, and also of wiggles! We cannot get enough of her adorable zoomies and wiggles! She constantly brings smiles to our faces and is just the kindest love bug. We all believe that Bella is heaven-sent and is most definitely the world’s best snuggler. And while she is known for her zoomies, her wiggles, and her snuggles, we must mention her most important skill – Bella is trained as medical service dog to assist with hearing. She alerts her owner to the sounds around him and is custom-trained to her owner’s needs and lifestyle. Bella is special in so many ways, she is a dog that everyone loves, and whether it’s showing her joy at seeing one of our staff or at playing with her doggy friends, human and canine alike can’t help but to feel that joy right back! The Best Friend of the Month vote could not have gone to a more deserving, more perfect love bug! Thank you for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care! We hope you enjoy your silly prizes, your place on our Wall of Besties, and of course the bragging rights are all yours for a full year, Ms. September!       

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