Summer Edition: Top Dog Honors Announced for May, June, & July

It is my pleasure to announce our May, June, & July Best Friends of the Month, ALFIE, CALVIN & SOFI!

A staff favorite (obviously!), but what’s fun is that the feeling is mutual, Alfie clearly loves the staff! Once he was nominated as BFoM, he stole the election! Alfie is so amazing in every single way. He is a friend to all, and if he’s not playing with his friends, he is snuggling with them! He has the cutest, floppy ears and gives the best hugs. He’s a border collie mix, we think, and has the best grin! He loves to greet the new pups on their evaluation day and play with them! Alfie is such a great dog all around and is always the happiest boy.

No one can resist the cuteness that is Calvin! He has a signature look to him, thanks to the cutest curly tail! Calvin is a great pup, and the best snuggler around, hands down! He loves to give kisses while curling up in your lap. He plays so well with the other pups and helps the shy ones become more confident. Calvin has such a gentle and very loving, playful personality, that it makes him the perfect day care pup! We love you, Calvin!!

Sofi first came to us in September 2021, and was super nervous, and it took some time, but after a few weeks of warming up and building relationships with the staff she finally built up the comfort and the courage to try going into group and ended up loving it. Now she can’t wait to go play in the mornings and pulls us to go see her friends who all welcome her with kisses. She is so good with every dog she meets and has really come out of her shell so much that she now helps us welcome the new pups by participating in their evaluations as one of the first dogs they meet. She can also chill like no other and will melt into any position in your lap and sleep there presumably for hours if you let her! She is truly just the sweetest girl, and we are all so proud of her!

Please join us in congratulating Alfie, Calvin, Sofi, and their people on this coveted honor! Each pup will have a silly prize pack to enjoy, a spot for their photo on our Wall of Besties and of course enjoy the bragging rights they have earned! Thank you for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care as your home away from home!

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