Toby is on everybody’s Favorites list! He is quite the diva, for a King – a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that is! His royal-ness is part of what makes Toby the ideal Love My Doggy Day Care Bestie. He is always happy to see us, and is so well-behaved that of course he gets the royal treatment when he shows up! Toby loves toys, kisses, ear scratches, and snuggles. He never fails to crack us up when he is snoring contently – like a King – minutes into snuggling up with us. And he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to snuggling- here he is with his buddy Bart. This little red CKC Spaniel brings happiness to everyone around, dogs and people alike, and we are grateful that he is part of our day care family. We are very happy that his mom and dad chose us and we will proudly display his picture as the first 2018 Best Friend of the Month! Mom & dad, you can collect your prizes, and enjoy the bragging rights!

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