The Best Friends of Winter 2018

As we are *finally* finding some hope for spring-like weather, I’m very pleased to share some information about a few of our besties, which for us, are some of the few redeeming factors of winter! This is a special announcement for the February and March Best Friends of the Month.

February honors are particularly special to us, because in honor of the month that celebrates LOVE, we always vote in a Best Friend “couple” to showcase. Our adorable February couple is ZOLA and CHARLIE. They are a match made in heaven. These two have been best friends since they met. They play nonstop and once they are all tuckered out they cuddle together, so they look like one big ball of fluff, as you can see here! They are energetic players and they both love to be held and babied a bit. These zany little lovebugs keep both doggy and human friends constantly entertained watching this happy, bouncy pair that is always up for a game of chase and tackle. They are the perfect pair to help us celebrate St. Valentine’s favorite month with snuggles and kisses!

And then there’s Max! Max is March Best Friend of the Month. If there was ever a pup we are happy to give some extra TLC to, it’s Max! Max is a sweet boy that wants to be part of the human pack. He started out timid and just wanting to sit on laps (he came to us with some history of a run-in with another dog that had left him wary) but he’s come a long way, and now just look at him! Here he is hanging with one of his besties, completely comfy (Max is the tan pup!). Max is so well loved for his perfect disposition that when he comes to see us, it’s a battle among the staff over who gets to be in the playroom Max is assigned to.

We are so grateful that Charlie’s, Zola’s, and Max’s parents have chosen Love My Doggy Day Care and love having them as part of our family. These are 3 of the amazing pups that helped us get through the winter blahs! As always, they will enjoy a spot on our picture wall, some little prizes, and the bragging rights for a full year.

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