The Beautiful Penny is October Best Friend of the Month!

Penny is our most improved pup! When she first came for her evaluation in October 2015, she was playing with the other pups, chasing bugs, tugging on toys, but she was wary of our staff. She wouldn’t let our staff members touch her if she could help it. Since coming here for over a year, Penny has
not tried to be subtle with showing affection! She sits on our dog handlers, wiggles her way through our dog handlers legs, and snuffles everyone’s hair! She even began to greet strangers when check in/check out time comes.
Penny is a confident, well-socialized, well-behaved, pilot, and super-cute bouncy playmate. She also gives one of the funniest and greatest greetings to her mom at pick-up ever, sitting nicely and giving kisses! Penny has enjoyed some special prizes to celebrate her title, and her mom, of course, has just one more reason to be a proud mama!

Congratulations Penny!

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