ELLIE is September Best Friend of the Month!


Ellie has won the hearts of everyone at Love My Doggy Day Care. She is a staff favorite – she’s the kind of pup you could bring home from work with you – in fact, everyone is always trying to doggy-nap her to go home with them LOL! She’s a bit shy at first, but warms up as soon as she sees her doggy friends. Ellie is friends with big dogs, little dogs, puppies, and everything in between. Ellie is a loving, social, friendly, well-behaved, playful, and extremely sweet pup – we wish we had 100 Ellie’s every day! We are so glad that Ellie’s mom & dad chose us, because we can’t get enough of this super sweet girl! Ellie and her owners have won a couple of special treats, But really, we just want them to know how much we adore Ellie and give them a proud moment for their amazing pet family member, the awesomely adorable Ellie.

Ellie also has the distinction of being the first Best Friend of the Month of Year 2 – September will always be a special month for us! She joins the darling Remi Miller as September Besties!


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