SAILOR – A much-deserved, long-awaited Best Friend of the Month crowning!


It’s about time! That’s what we all said, when Sailor took home the crown for April! Sailor has been a close second time after time whenever the votes were counted – so we knew his day was coming – and so did he! He patiently waited until the rest of us saw things his way and dubbed him Best Friend of the Month! In fact, we wish to reward his tolerance of our silly (he thinks flawed) elections by honoring him and his momma in a special way. I can’t reveal his surprise here, but we will be sharing shortly!

In the meantime, let me share a little bit about Sailor. Sailor is a very special pet, spoiled and loved, of course! He is a model Love My Doggy Day Care citizen. Sailor gets along with all dogs. He loves the staff. He sleeps soundly in his suite, he eats all his food, he behaves in the bath, and he is an all-around perfect playmate. Sailor is part of our family and we think he knows that Love My Doggy Day Care is his second home. We wish to extend the hugest Love My Doggy Day Care Thank You to Sailor’s special momma! We are very lucky that his momma loves him so much and lets us help take care of him. Congratulations Sailor Man!

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