Lego is November Best Friend of the Month

We Love *all* our dogs. We truly do. Every month it is harder and
harder to pick a staff favorite. This is the truth. But with that
said, I have to admit, there are some that feel we may have saved
the best for now, and that while others may be winding down,
hitting the holiday slide, and coasting into the new year, we are
truly heading towards the end the year with a crescendo. Our
November Best Friend is big guy with a big heart. His name is 
Lego, and he is simply an amazing dog. He means so much to theLove My Doggy Day Care family that one of our team members
who (sadly) moved away keeps a picture of him with him
because, to directly quote him, “Lego is a big deal for me.” Lego isarguably one of the most affectionate dogs that come to LMDDC.
He gets along with all the other dogs here, but he definitely tries
his hardest to be with people. He’s the consummate cuddler. If
you’re sitting on the couch next to him, he picks up your arm
with his nose and places himself in his spot under your arm! He
is bouncy, energetic, lovable pup, but he always takes the time to
get some real good snuggle time in! You hear it about people
sometimes, but have you ever seen a dog glow??  Well, come
meet Lego! This exuberant pup just radiates happiness, and
spreads it everywhere he goes. We also really enjoy watching the
joy come to life when Lego is picked up at the end of the day by
his mom. He can barely contain himself! It’s so darn cute but we
always hold our breath a little because he’s such a big guy we
don’t want him knocking anyone over in his excitement! We are
lucky to know Lego, and we will proudly display his picture on
our wall of Besties. His mom and Lego will enjoy some silly
prizes, and of course bragging rights. Mom and Lego – thank you
for choosing Love My Doggy Day Care! We do it all #fortheLoveofDogs.  
just resting for a sec

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