“Dancing” Dyza takes the Trophy for December!

We are definitely going to tie 2018 up with a bow with this announcement!

One of our most loyal and longest-lasting loves is our super energetic and bubbly poodle dame, Dyza. Her sweet disposition and loving temperament made her an easy vote for Best Friend of the Month. Dyza has always played well with other dogs and has one of our favorite lobby celebrations when she gets picked up and dropped off by her dad. When Dyza is in playgroup she likes to mix up her routine. Some days she’s chasing tennis balls and playing fetch, the next day she might be playing tug with rope toys and playing chase with her fur-friends. Dyza is a cuddle bug and is always up for a hug or a smooch during the day. We love having Dyza stay with us. It always puts a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts to see “Dancing” Dyza making her way up our walkway.

Dancing Queen

Congratulations to Dyza and her special dad on this big win to wrap up the year. Thank you for being a part of the Love My Doggy Day Care family!

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